Alicja Walters

Alicja Walters is currently completing her Master’s in Counseling program at Saybrook University, and is a Clinical Intern at Mount Tabor Counseling.

Her work has been focused at the intersection of psychodynamic psychotherapy and current contemporary humanistic and existential perspectives. She has particular interest in the sacred aspect of the psyche and the relationship between divine encounters and the psycho-spiritual goal of individuality in human existence, and in the integration of psychology and religion. Alicja specializes in helping people deal more constructively with fear, anxiety, discouragement, frustration, depression, anger, rage, or bitterness, and to live more consciously, meaningfully and creatively.

Alicja completed The Conscious Living Program at The Centre of Applied Jungian Studies, deepening her understanding of Jungian psychology for self-analysis, increased consciousness, and individuation. While her focus is on existential depth psychology, she believes in multi-theoretical approach to treatment and utilizes both psychodynamically-oriented psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Alicja grew up in Poland, and her heritage includes a long lineage of European psychoanalysts. In her practice, she integrates her belief that psychotherapy is about enhancing the individual’s capacity to feel, experience, create, find meaning, and, more generally, to become more receptive to and accepting of life and love in both their positive and negative aspects. Psychotherapy is as much about change as it is about acceptance of one’s self, history and feelings. The courage to embrace reality and move toward a harmonious, intuitive, and creative personality that is mostly unaffected by the worldly entrapments that seek to draw us away from our true divine nature, is the true essence of spirituality and an inseparable aspect of psychotherapy.

As Mount Tabor’s Clinical Intern she is able to offer reduced cost and pro bono counseling to children, adults, and families. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment with Alicja call 303-422-1567 or email her at