Mount Tabor’s Response To Coronavirus

With the recent confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) now in multiple regions of Colorado and the Governor declaring a State of Emergency, it has come to the attention of Mount Tabor Counseling that a proper plan needs to be in place to insure that our clients are able to continue to receive counseling through the next several weeks. Mount Tabor Counseling is concerned first and foremost concerned about the physical safety of our clients and those that we work with. If you are feeling sick or under the weather, please stay home. We additionally are taking the following options in response to the recent outbreak: 

  1. Online Therapy – Mount Tabor Counseling is capable of offering online therapy to anyone in the States of Colorado, Wyoming and Texas. If you are already a client at Mount Tabor, and you are interested in transitioning over to online therapy, please email your therapist directly. More information about our online therapy system can be found here:
  2. The CatholicPsyche Podcast, a mission of Mount Tabor Counseling, will have multiple podcasts on the topics of Anxiety, Anxiety Reduction, what to do when home-bound, and so on. Please see our website for our latest shows. 
  3. For those who might be quarantined or home-bound we are offering online support groups. These groups will focus on psycho-education and development of the spiritual life on times of isolation. For more information please visit
The Archdiocese of Denver’s response to the virus can be found at: