Emotion Coaching Workshop

Are you finding it difficult to guide your child in following instructions, sharing, or expressing their needs? As children navigate through life, they often experience intense emotions, and many parents struggle to provide the right support during these emotional moments. Are you facing challenges in communicating with your growing child and establishing a strong emotional bond?

Introducing the Emotion Coaching Workshop – a comprehensive one-day program designed to assist parents in developing and honing their Emotion Coaching parenting skills.

At its core, Emotion Coaching aims to empower children to understand and manage their emotions and behaviors effectively.

The key to nurturing children’s present and future success lies in fostering their emotional intelligence. Emotion Coaching places great emphasis on the parent-child connection and the quality of communication as fundamental elements in this process.

A One Day Workshop to Help You Parent

This psycho-educational workshop, developed by the esteemed Gottman Institute, is built upon two decades of groundbreaking research conducted by Dr. John Gottman, as documented in his influential book, “Raising an Emotionally Intelligent Child.” Dr. John Gottman is a globally recognized researcher and therapist renowned for his expertise in relationship stability.

Dr. John Gottman and his team have extensively studied the factors that differentiate children who thrive from those who face challenges. Their research examined various aspects, including academic performance, social interactions with peers, appropriate behavior in social settings, and parent-child relationships. The findings revealed a significant correlation between children who received Emotion Coaching from their parents and their long-term success in adulthood, particularly in areas such as forming friendships, achieving professional success, and academic accomplishments.

According to Gottman, parents who acted as Emotion Coaches played a pivotal role in helping their children comprehend their own emotions as well as the emotions of others. These parents imparted valuable skills to their children, enabling them to effectively manage their emotions in a positive manner and eventually develop the ability to regulate their own emotions and behavior.

In this concise one-day workshop, parents will gain access to evidence-based tools that foster the development of an Emotion Coaching approach to parenting. The workshop focuses on teaching and demonstrating the following key aspects:

  1. Understanding the Significance of Emotional Intelligence: Parents will learn about the crucial role emotional intelligence plays in their child’s overall development and future success.

  2. Recognizing, Responding to, and Validating Your Child’s Feelings: Parents will acquire the skills to identify, acknowledge, and validate their child’s emotions, fostering a safe and supportive environment for emotional expression.

  3. Becoming an Effective Emotion Coach using the 5 Steps of Emotion Coaching: Parents will be guided through the 5 Steps of Emotion Coaching, equipping them with practical strategies to guide their child through emotional experiences and promote emotional regulation.

  4. Expressing Understanding and Empathy: Parents will discover effective ways to express understanding and empathy towards their child’s emotions, strengthening the parent-child bond and promoting emotional connection.

  5. Effective Limit Setting and Problem Solving: Parents will learn techniques for setting appropriate limits and engaging in constructive problem-solving with their children, facilitating healthy emotional development and conflict resolution skills.

Through this workshop, parents will gain valuable tools and insights to integrate Emotion Coaching into their parenting approach, fostering emotional intelligence and nurturing their child’s overall well-being.

Cost: $250 for Both Days.
Note: Babes in arms are welcome to attend!

At present there are no scheduled Emotion Coaching Workshops. To voice your interest please email Programs@mounttaborcounseling.com