Past Webinar:

Most Catholics in the Western Tradition don’t realize they are missing out on a huge part of their own spiritual inheritance. Catholic Spirituality is a nearly 2000-year-old tree with deep, deep roots and a richness far beyond what we are normally taught. In this unique time, we are being challenged to live a more deeply-rooted spiritual life. Unearthing our own rich inheritance may give us the very guides and tools needed to respond to that challenge.


  • St. John Cassian is often called the founder of Western (Roman) Monastic Way of Life.
  • We as Catholics are always encouraged to look towards the Monastic life in order to understand our own prayer lives and spiritual journeys.
  • St John Cassian is eminently practical in his spiritual counsels:
  • Instead of abstract concepts on prayer, he teaches us how to get there through specific fasting.
  • He teaches us the remedies for the Vices so we can grow and learn from the wisdom of the Early Church.
  • Come learn about the Spiritual Tradition which is yours by your Baptism.


Who: Dcn. Basil Balke MA, MTh. Hold a Masters in Counseling Psychology and a Masters of Theology in Eastern Christian Theology. He is a specialist in the application of ancient spirituality to modern times and issues. The founder of Mount Tabor Counseling, a Catholic counseling practice in Colorado. The Founder of the Center for InMinistry Development, a columnist for Our Sunday Visitor’s “The Deacon” publication, and most importantly a Husband, Father of three daughters, and a Deacon in Ministry within the Ruthenian Byzantine Catholic Church and Russian Greek Catholic Church.

What: ONLINE WEBINAR – The seminar will be a 1 hour zoom Webinar. 30 minutes of presentation and 30 minutes of questions.

When: Every Tuesday in May at 7:00pm (exact dates: May 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th)

Where: Online from your desk- or wherever you’re holed up b/c you’re probably quarantined like the rest of us =P


Cost for Webinar I: The Webinar is free, though donations are accepted. Space is limited so sign up today!