Prepare-Enrich Facilitator Training

Are you a clergyman or a lay leader involved in marriage preparation or enrichment? Do you want to grow your skills to be even more effective in helping the couples you serve? ​

Become a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator

Becoming a certified Prepare/Enrich Facilitator provides you with the core knowledge and skills to confidently utilize Prepare/Enrich’s proven assessment and feedback resources to foster resilient relationships and marriages. 

After the Course you will be able to: 

  • Prepare Couples for the Assessment
  • Interpret assessment results effectively
  • Provide Personalized Feedback to Couples
  • Initiate meaningful discussions
  • Facilitate relationship skill-building exercise

What Is Prepare/Enrich?

Prepare/Enrich is a training program that enables clergy and professional counselors to identify a couple’s specific strength and growth areas, teach them communication and conflict-resolution skills, and help them resolve key relationship issues.

  • Prepare and Enrich will enable you to utilize a key assessment looking at areas of strength and weakness in a relationship.
  • Prepare and Enrich will help you to provide pre-marital and marital pastoral counseling.
  • Prepare and Enrich will help you to build stronger marriages and therefore stronger communities.
  • Can often be used by Diocese/Eparchies as their Premarital Assessment.
What does Prepare/Enrich Assess?
  • The couple’s alignment on fundamental aspects like communication and conflict resolution.
  • Family background and experiences with in-laws.
  • Couples Intimacy and adaptability
  • Areas to focus in future discussions
  • Evaluation of stress levels in the couple.
  • Understanding of key personality traits. 
Who should become a Prepare/Enrich Facilitator?
  • Clergy Involved in Marriage Preparation and Ministry
  • Lay Leaders involved in Marriage Ministry
  • Mental Health Clinicians * 
 * CEU’s Available for certain Licensures. Inquire for specific licensure types. 

Upcoming Dates for 2024
Facilitator Trainings

June 15th 2024

9:00AM to 4:00PM Mountain

Our Trainer

Basil Ryan Balke is a specialist in the area of marriage and family ministry and clinical work. As a therapist and clergyman, he specializes in work with couples at all stages of the their relationship including premarital counseling and throughout life. He is licensed in multiple States and provides Clinical Supervision to couples and He has used the Prepare/Enrich system for over 10 years and trains clergy, mental health professionals and lay leaders alike. As a master trainer he is also a facilitator for the Gottman 7 Principles workshop, the Brining Baby Home workshop and Mental Health First Aid. He can be reached at

Please review the FAQ section below. For any additional questions, please email Please only send workshop-related questions. We are unable to respond to therapeutic questions via email.

Event Policies

Transfer/Cancellation Policy:
If cancellation is made one week before the conference, a full refund minus a $30 processing fee will be given. If your cancellation occurs after the deadline, your registration will be converted to a credit, good for a full year, that can be applied to future workshops.

Additional Workshop Information

We would like to advise that our training is presented as a seminar. It is meant to be psycho-educational and is not meant to be therapy. We do offer virtual and in-person couples therapy, consultations, and additional resources at Mount Tabor Counseling. While we believe that the content of this workshop is based on sound research and principles, there is no warranty or guarantee, expressed or implied, about the benefit of this workshop for your specific concerns.

Private Trainings Options: 

For high profile trainings or those that simply prefer more privacy, we recommend you inquire about a private 1:1 workshop or a small group presentation. The Prepare/Enrich Facilitator program can be offered with a variety of timing options to meet your scheduling needs, and we can offer programs virtually or in person. Email for custom package pricing.