More Than IQ

Counselor’s Corner Sheryl Roberts, MA, LPCC Last week we talked about grit.  Grit is something that everyone can develop in their lives and it has been a proven quality that helps determine success in life whether you are 9 or 90.  This week we will look at a different quality. That is the quality of … Read more

Sports and Our Kids

Counselor’s Corner Sheryl Roberts, MA, LPCC Sports and your growing child.  Sports are a great way to build self-esteem, develop friendships, find a place within a community, belong with others, learn how to handle both success and failure and grow as a person.  However, sports can become a source of pain and trauma for children, … Read more

Emotional Intelligence

Counselor’s Corner Sheryl Roberts, MA, LPCC Emotional Intelligence.  This might be a concept you are hearing more and more about these days.  Many are talking about the importance of emotional intelligence in schools, in the work place and in homes.  But what is emotional intelligence and how can we teach it to our children. Emotional … Read more


Counselor’s Corner Sheryl Roberts, MA, LPCC Friendships!  This can be a loaded word for our young ones.  The word normally is associated with joy, fun, and belonging.  For others, the word reminds them of times they were left out, left behind or left alone.  The elementary years are critical times for children’s social development. Family, … Read more

What is Grit?

Greetings!  This week’s theme is a perfect one to start out the school year. We are talking about cultivating the character quality of GRIT.   What is grit?  The idea of grit was developed by Angela Duckworth, a psychology researcher at the University of Pennsylvania. Grit is defined as the perseverance and passion to achieve long-range … Read more