7 Principles Program For Engaged Couples

Weekend May 31 & June 1, 2024 Online Workshop

A Special Presentation for Engaged Couples

Mount Tabor Counseling will be hosting the full 7 Principles Workshop on the evening of Friday May 31st, and All day Saturday June 1st.

This 7 Principles will focus on Engaged Couples and the issues that tend to present within the first few years of Marriage. This will help couples recognize the struggles and issues of this special time and how to avoid them and thrive through them. 

Couples will also receive: 

  • 10 Hours of Content
  • Digital Copies of the 7 Principles Workbook
Cost: $150 Per Couple
For questions email programs@mounttaborcounseling.com

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7 Principles Workshop Online June 1 2024

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Our Facilitators

Basil Ryan Balke has been married for 12 years, a facilitator of the Gottman 7 Principles workshop, and have worked with hundreds of couples using the Gottman model.

Fr. Elias Dorham has a Doctorate of Ministry and is an accomplished Gottman 7 Principles facilitator. 

Bibiana Arangua is a Married therapist and Gottman 7 Principles workshop leader. She has worked with couples and individuals and is experienced using the Gottman Couples Counseling Modality and Model. 

What will the schedule be for this workshop? 

Friday Evening (All Times are Mountain Time)

6:00PM – Workshop Starts – A Conversation about what Makes Marriage Work. 

7:00PM – Short Break 

9:00PM – Finished for the Evening. 


9:00am – Noon –  Workshop begins again focusing on the Principles of Marriage and Relationship Conflict. 

12:00pm – Lunch Break

12:30pm – 4:30pm – Workshop continues focusing on Perpetual Problems in Relationships. 

4:30pm – Workshop Concludes

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